Rebate Funding is A sensible working capital SOLUTION for your business

Use business credit and not your personal credit to get the working capital that your business needs!





1.  PERSONAL CREDIT IS NEVER AN ISSUE: If a business owner has less than perfect (or even poor) personal credit it will not affect their ability to get rebate funding for their business. With rebate funding, there is no personal credit pull for the business owner. The entire credit decision is made off of the verification of a business's operational status, combined with time in business and the business's credit scores on all major business credit bureaus. 

2. CURRENT OR RECENT CASH  FLOW  PROBLEMS WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE: Often times when a business is in a low cash flow period even non-traditional funding sources will either deny or severely limit the amount of funding that will be made available to that business. With rebate funding a business's current cash flow will not be taken in to account when making a credit decision. In some cases financial's (business tax returns) may be required; but most of the time  a business's credit and operational history will be enough to get fully approved for rebate funding. The most recent business bank statement is only needed to verify operations.

3. PAYMENTS ARE MADE MONTHLY OVER A 60 MONTH TERM: With rebate funding you will never have a daily or weekly repayment structure. Payments will always be monthly. In most cases you can choose either direct withdrawal or invoicing to pay by check. There may also be no prepayment penalty, as all transactions are done off of a non amortized factor rate interest and not APR. 

4. THE STRUCTURE OF THE TRANSACTION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE:  The funding your business receives is a rebate back from a vendor (a seller of IT technology equipment) within our exclusive network. The equipment will be an overstocked, new in the box, last generation piece of enterprise class IT technology equipment.  As rebates are considered to be a part of the sale price, they are not taxable or considered income for the business. If your business is approved, the actual financing will be done from a bank that will issue your business a corporate only lease credit line for the purpose of buying equipment from one of our network vendors. The vendor will prepare all financing arrangements with a major bank or leasing provider. Upon your business's approval and signing of necessary docs the vendor will, once paid by the bank, send your business the leased technology equipment and rebate check to your business's location via second day air. The rebate check and equipment will arrive within a few days of each other in two separate packages. Each transaction usually takes 8 to 10 business days from start to finish. Read more below in the "How it works and Why" section. The structure of the lease will be 60 months, with no down payment, and a $1 buyout. This makes the transaction tax deductible under IRS Code 179 as a "Capital Lease". Ask your business accountant for the details. Could your business use a tax deduction of between $40,000 and $200,000 this year? If so, then rebate funding may be a viable option for your business.

5. THE STRUCTURE OF THE TRANSACTION WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH ANY OTHER FINANCIAL TRANSACTION: Rebate funding as a transaction type stands alone in it's own category. This means that it will not interfere with any other type of cash financing that your business is attempting to secure. If your business applies for a bank loan, SBA backed loan, line of credit,  merchant cash advance, or MCA consolidation, rebate funding will not interfere. This is because from a UCC lien perspective the transaction shows as an equipment lease (from a lease line of credit). In addition, the funding your business receives is a rebate check from an IT equipment dealer (one of our network vendors). Therefore, it does not show as a direct deposit or wire to your business bank account, which is the way a typical business funding usually appears.

6. THE TYPE OF TRANSACTION MAY SIGNIFICANTLY  IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS'S CREDIT AS YOU PAY: The financial agreement will usually be a non personally guaranteed lease line of credit with a 60 month term. Therefore, each payment that  your business makes will automatically report to most of the major business credit reporting agencies. This means that after 6 months to one year of on time payments, that your business's credit scores may get to a level that will open up doors for more traditional types of business financing.

7. APPLYING HAS ZERO COST AND IS EASY:  If you believe that your business can benefit from rebate funding it will cost you nothing to apply. There is no obligation, and there are no upfront fees. All it takes is a one page application that requires only business information (no social security number or personal owner information), the most recent business bank statement, and a 10 to 15 minute phone call.  It is possible to have a complete approval in as fast as one business day after applying.


1.  YOUR BUSINESS IS OVER 5 YEARS OLD:  If your business is over 5 years old, has been registered with the Secretary of State for at least that long, and has been operating under the same tax ID number for that length of time (5 years or longer), then it may qualify for rebate funding. It also must meet the other criteria listed here.

2. YOUR BUSINESS HAS SUFFICIENT ESTABLISHED REPORTING BUSINESS CREDIT:  If your 5 + year old business has a credit history over 2 years old that is reporting to D & B (with a Paydex score of over 68), and is also reporting to Experian Business, and is considered "Low Risk" or "Low-Moderate Risk" by both bureaus, then it will likely qualify for rebate funding. If there are any equipment or vehicle leases or financing, in addition to being in a "Low or Low-Moderate Risk" category, then it may help to qualify your business for a higher amount. After you fill out our one page, no obligation application and have verbally discussed the program with one of our coordinators to determine your level of interest, we would then run your D & B and Experian Business reports free of charge to you. After we run those reports we would let you know what amount your business would pre-qualify for on a lease line of credit. 

3. YOUR BUSINESS HAS NEVER BEEN IN BANKRUPTCY: If your business has never filed for any type of bankruptcy, and if it has the necessary established credit listed above, it may qualify for rebate funding. Personal bankruptcies do not matter as long as they are not tied to your current business.

4. YOUR BUSINESS HAS NO JUDGMENTS AGAINST IT: If your business has no judgments against it and if it has the necessary established credit, then it may qualify for rebate funding.

5. YOUR BUSINESS MUST BE A REAL, OPERATING, BRICK AND MORTAR BUSINESS (AND NOT A SHELF CORP): If your business has a verifiable address that is not a mailbox or UPS store suite, and if it has a 5 year or longer operating history and the necessary established business credit, then it may qualify for rebate funding. Call us or use the contact form to send us your contact information and we will get back to you ASAP.


Rebate funding works because banks finance last generation servers.


The fact is that right now, in the current economy, the larger banks and leasing companies will finance last generation equipment of almost any kind as long as it is still new (never used). Some of them will even finance used equipment. This opens the door to getting huge discounts (in the form of rebates), if your business is willing to buy last generation IT technology equipment at full retail price from a participating vendor. 

The formula is simple: 

A. The bank provides the lease line of credit to your business. A network vendor secures this for you.

B. The vendor who secured your business credit line then sells your business the last generation IT equipment utilizing that credit line. The bank gives them permission to do so with a legal document called a purchase order, and also by your signing of a lease document. The bank or leasing company is fully aware that they are financing last generation equipment. The vendor will list the equipment on the invoice.

C. The vendor gets paid by the bank and then, in a separate transaction, pays your business a promotional rebate.  When it is done your business ends up with the leased equipment and a rebate check that it can use for whatever your business needs. It all takes 8 to 10 business days from start to finish.


The depreciation on paper for last generation IT technology equipment such as servers isn't much; but in reality it is huge. Even though the banks will finance last generation IT equipment at full retail price to business clients who have the business credit, most of that equipment is really only worth pennies on the dollar (for resale or auction) in any secondary marketplace. This is because of the huge supply and low demand for custom IT technology equipment such as enterprise class servers. That same ratio is not present in most other equipment sale industries.

For example: most leasing banks will finance a tractor if it has been sitting on a showroom floor unused for 3  or 4 years and is now considered "last generation".  However, a tractor still has a strong resale value in the secondary market place even after that amount of time. No tractor dealer would be likely to give away a significant part of the sale price to get it off his or her showroom floor; even if it is a last generation model. However, with IT equipment that has become last generation, almost any dealer/vendor in the country stuck with such equipment would be overjoyed to sell that overstocked equipment at  all. That is because they know that the odds of them selling it anywhere else are very slim. This is why we are able to get your business a significant rebate from these vendors, that you can use for working capital or whatever else your business needs.

What about the equipment? Well think about this:

Even if your business does not need a new server, it can still use it as an extra computer. So your business gets affordable working capital and a useful piece of equipment. Would it make sense to you to get a new computer in order to get reasonable terms on working capital; even if it were the most expensive computer you had ever bought? If that type of package deal seems viable to you, then rebate funding may be right for your business. Learn more about this on the FAQ page.

3.  THE NUMBERS MAKE SENSE AFTER THE TAX WRITE-OFF: After the tax write the cost of the rebate (that is not including the retail value of the equipment that your business purchased to get the rebate) should be somewhere between 20% and 24% per year simple interest. 

Remember also:

A. That cost is spread out over 5 years - paid back on monthly payments

B. You will not have to personally guarantee the transaction

C. This rebate funding transaction will not interfere with any other transactions

D. Paying back on the lease line of credit will just continue to further build your business's credit for the better.

Could your business use a server and between $20,000 and $100,000 right now? Would rebate funding make sense for your business if it were paid back on affordable monthly payments with no personal guarantee required? If so, then call us today or use the contact form available on the  Contact Us page.


You can contact Rebate Funding Solutions to get a free consutation

1. CONSULT WITH YOUR ACCOUNTANT OR OTHER BUSINESS ADVISER: Simply take a few minutes to go over your business's current financial needs, and its tax deduction needs, in order to determine if rebate funding makes sense for your business at this time.

2.  CONTACT US AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE: We are here to answer all of your questions about the rebate funding program. Call us and we will do our best to help you understand every facet of the program.

3. FILL OUT OUR  ONE PAGE NO OBLIGATION APPLICATION: You can either contact us, or you can get our application from your accountant or other business adviser. Once you fill that out and we interview you, we can run your business's credit reports at no charge to you and help you determine if rebate funding will be available for your business.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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